A Friend to the Environment

Booth Ranches is committed to several sustainable practices, which help to avoid irreversible damage to our soil and to minimize the use of non-renewable resources.

Micro Sprinklers

Micro sprinkles create a fine mist that penetrates the ground. We do not use furrow irrigating that wastes water between trees. In doing so we can conserve California’s most precious resource.


Leaf and soil samples are taken to minimize fertilizers, produce the right mix and avoid the use of excess fertilizer.


Utilizing modern technology – via satellite measuring the energy status (and potential) of soil water, which allows for appropriate watering, soil moisture and depth for specific varieties.

Temperature Measurements

Paying close attention to water, wind and temperature changes allows us to service water and protect our crops when it’s needed. We utilize modern satellite technology to measure temperatures for fruit protection from frost damage.

Pest Control Advisors

We currently have four in-house Pest Control Advisors to make recommendations. Spray records are available at the click of a button, which allow us to minimize sprays.

Water Filtration Systems

Water filtration helps avoid emitter plugging by cleaning out the larger particulates. Without our sand media tanks, we would not be able to use microjet/drip irrigation methods and would have to rely on the less efficient methods of flood/furrow irrigation.