Giving Back

Supporting Our Community

The Booth Family has always believed that giving back is among the most important and valuable activity a business can do to support its employees, the greater community and the industry. Over the years we have accomplished this in many way, here are just a few.

Booth Family Scholarship

The Booth Family scholarship is funded personally by the Booth family. It provides up to $2,500.00 per year to children of any full time Booth Ranches employees.

“I feel education is a key to help solve many of the issues of our community. Many of these students come from families who have never had an opportunity for continued education. Our hope is that these students will encourage their peers to pursue higher education and the benefits that come with that choice. I can’t change the world, but we can try to make a difference in our family of employees.”
– Loren Booth, President

Scholarship Forms:

2023 Application- Editable format

2023 Checklist

2023 Essay Requirements



Booth Ranches and the Booth Foundation

Our company and our family are actively involved in state and local charities. The Otis Booth Foundation is a major contributor to the Children’s Institute, Inc. and to the John Thomas Dye School. Booth Ranches has annual holiday celebrations with employees and assembles and distributes holiday dinners to the less fortunate in the local area. The Booth family is a contributor and supporter of the Joe Neikro Foundation plus many more.